The problem gambling program at Fairview Recovery Services is an intensive outpatient program that encompasses group therapy with a family component for concerned others. Fairview’s program is one of Minnesota’s oldest and most comprehensive gambling programs, dating back to the early 1990s.

The program consists of 44 sessions of group therapy on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Group activities consist of homework assignments, videos, lectures, guest speakers, meditation, and skill building based on the latest evidence-based practices.

Concerned persons have the opportunity to be involved on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. A family counselor offers support, education on addiction and relapse prevention.

Concerned others can also participate in one-on-one sessions with a family counselor on Wednesday nights. “We have found that a more individualized approach was needed due to the unique relationships that benefit from ‘family’ counseling,” says Susan Campion, MS, LADC, ICGC-II, gambling counselor.

“I’m a big believer in the group process for gamblers,” says Susan. “Gamblers often feel alone and shameful because of their past gambling behaviors. I think they benefit therapeutically from hearing other peoples’ stories and realizing they’re not alone.”

One aspect of the program that’s different from others is that it is not a 12-step program. “We are an all-inclusive, eclectic program, which I think many people appreciate,” says Susan. “We individualize our treatment interventions to match our diverse clientele.”

Fairview’s program works with other social service agencies and makes referrals as appropriate. Assessments help determine whether a client is best served by intensive inpatient therapy, intensive outpatient therapy, individual counseling or Gambler’s Anonymous. “We want people to know they have different treatment options,” says Susan.

The program is well versed in treating patients with co-occurring disorders. The program, which also performs Rule 82 assessments, has capacity for 12 patients.

Group therapy is provided by Susan, while Greg Robertson provides family counseling.