Individuals recovering from a gambling addiction now have an option should they decide to restrict themselves from participating in online gambling., is a free online tool that users can install to stop themselves from accessing gambling sites. The tool is available for both desktop and mobile devices, although it’s still officially in beta.

Given the remaining stigma about gambling addiction and the fact that it can be embarrassing to confront, the service is offered entirely anonymously, with no personal information collected about users. And because gambling addiction is associated with an inability to control impulses, the gambling self restriction cannot be removed once it’s been activated.

Although BetBlocker was developed by a UK-based organization, there are no geographical restrictions. However, the tool is set up to recognize sites that are legally licensed, and with the legality of online gambling still a question in the U.S., not all sites may be included. BetBlocker includes a “suggest a URL to block” feature so that any site can be manually added for exclusion.