National Problem Gambling Awareness Month is a nationwide effort to help people understand more about gambling addiction and how to get help.

Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance expands its ongoing communications efforts on this topic through additional media coverage, advertising and outreach events. Our goal is to help Minnesotans understand that gambling has risks, and that while most people can gamble responsibly, a small percentage encounter difficulties, such as gambling too often, spending too much, losing their ability to stop gambling, or ending up in a situation where gambling becomes their sole means of entertainment. We invite you to explore our website to expand your knowledge of gambling addiction and learn what to do if you feel that you or someone you know may need help.

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It’s important to know that many people have recovered from a gambling addiction. Here are stories of individuals who have overcome their gambling problems.

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Millions in ‘Sin Taxes’ Flowing into Minnesota’s coffers during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Susan Sheridan Tucker, NPGA Executive Director (as published in the Friday’s edition, Nov 27th, of the Star Tribune I cringe when I see “sin taxes” associated with gambling. I understand the intent. Too often we view excessive gambling as a moral weakness. We believe these “problem or compulsive gamblers” lack the...

In Their Own Words – Tim’s Story

I had my first big win of $500 as a 7-year old at a church picnic in a small town in Minnesota. I was like a celebrity for a while after that. I chased that feeling for 34 years, becoming very competitive in sports, games, spelling bees and just about everything else. I figured out I had a gambling problem in 1994...

NCPG Conference Roundup

I (virtually) attended the annual conference of the National Council on Problem Gambling in July. Here is a recap of some of the presentations. Industry Trends The conference featured a considerable focus on responsible gambling, particularly in light of the expansion of gambling. This includes sports betting and...

Minnesota Gambling Control Board Plays Critical Role in State Gambling

The Minnesota Gambling Control Board plays a critical role in regulating gambling activity in Minnesota. Northern Light conducted the following Q&A with Matt Gettman, the agency’s executive director. Q: What is the primary role of the Minnesota Gambling Control Board (MGCB)?A: Our role is to regulate the lawful...

Recovering Problem Gambler Leads Way Through Recovery

Jess Stewart’s desire to become an advocate for problem gamblers was born while he was at Project Turnabout for residential gambling treatment in 2016. Four years later, he’s proven to be a highly motivated, steadfast voice for those afflicted with gambling disorder. After graduating from Project Turnabout, Jess...

COVID Mental Health Trends from EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Callers

The following are some trends that have emerged from people calling in to employee assistance programs.  Loneliness is causing increased mental health issues. This seems to be an underlying theme if clients are far from their support systems or have spent a lot of time alone. Issues from the past, including previous...