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The Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance publishes the Northern Light newsletter quarterly. If you’d like to receive this newsletter, please send an email to Tiffany Roufs. Past issues of Northern Light are available as detailed below:

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Reports and Presentations

Minnesota Perspectives

Southeast Asian Perspectives on Gambling
Latino Perspectives on Gambling
Gambling Treatment: The Significant Others Perspective
Gambling Among Minnesota Youth Out of the Mainstream (Jan. 2015)
Gambling Among Minnesota Native American Public School Students (Dec. 2014)
Gambling Among Minnesota American Indian Public School Students (1992-2010)
Gambling Among Minnesota American Indian Public School Students
Gambling in Minnesota, 2011 Overview
Affected Others’ Concerns: People whose lives have been affected by problem gamblers
Whether, When and How Much to Gamble (community brochure)

Professional Tools and Resources

DSM­5 Diagnostic Criteria: Gambling Disorder
An Educational Guide for Charitable Gambling Staff
South Oaks Gambling Screen
Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen
Lie/Bet Screen Instrument
Finances and the Compulsive Gambler
Motivational Interviewing
Medication Side Effect: Compulsive Gambling
Problem Gambling Education and Training Services by the North American Training Institute (NATI)
Recovery from the Gambler’s Perspective
Gambling Education Modules for Teachers
Responsible Gambling Quarterly, a leading international resource for news and analysis of issues surrounding gambling disorders produced by the National Center for Responsible Gambling
SAMHSA Advisory on Problem Gambling
Fun Games and Risks MNDHS

Public Policy

Resolution of the NCPG Board of Directors Regarding Fantasy Sports, Oct. 8. 2015
SAMHSA Presentation to National Council on Problem Gambling (July 11, 2014)
Public Perceptions of Problem Gambling

NCPG Statement at Subcommittee Hearing on Internet Gambling
NCPG Testifies to Subcommittee on Internet Gambling (C-Span video, Oct. 25, 2011)
National Council on Problem Gambling Congressional Bills (2012)
National Council on Problem Gambling’s Internet Responsible Gambling Standards (April 23, 2012)

Research Resources

Alberta Gaming Institute Research
National Center for Responsible Gaming
American Gaming Association